Over the last three years, Ladder has focused on a brand filled with delight. Everything from the layout to the tone was centered around making life insurance more approachable. As the system became more complex, and we learned from each new user interaction, we decided that it was time to enhance our brand identity, therefore implementing a more profound user experience.

The problem

This rebrand project tried to solve two problems:

  1. An life insurance brand that felt too "tech-y", and therefore impersonal
  2. Visual components, interactions, and pages that needed revisiting and rethinking

A refreshed visual identity

Prior to this rebrand, Ladder's brand primarily relied on simple illustrations and colors that provided us little flexibility in terms of tone and feel.

Old homepage

Old homepage

Old Calculator

Old Calculator

Our bet was that a new brand that puts the spotlight on our users rather than our product would help us tap into the zeitgeist of self-expression, self-validation, and self-aspiration.

Rather than feeling like our users ought to get life insurance, our goal is to make them want it, because they'll, hopefully, recognize Ladder is for them.