Like most life insurance providers, Ladder has a calculator that gives users interested in life insurance an overview of how much coverage they might need. Users will input different information about themselves into the calculator and receive an estimated coverage amount. The hope is that after receiving this amount, informed users will then proceed and start a life insurance application with us.

In general, people who use a calculator will typically convert better in the end and take a life insurance policy.

The problem

There were several problems with our calculator. First, from a visual standpoint, it was quite outdated. This was right after we rebranded (read more about that here), which meant there were new visual components and standards that the calculator page needed to reflect.

The biggest problem, however, was conversion. The rate at which users completed the calculator wasn't great. This stemmed from questions in the calculator that were confusing and caused friction as well as a lengthy format that overwhelmed users.

The goal of this project, from a metrics standpoint, was to improve the rate at which users completed the calculator to receive a coverage amount.

Old calculator page

Old calculator page

The solution

Shipped redesign

Shipped redesign

Visual refresh

I brought over the input fields that I designed in our rebrand over to the calculator page. This helped clean up the form a bit and made the hierarchy clearer.